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Brave The Flames


The Twisted Taco

Unique Taco Creations

Available as Freshly-Made Food Concessions

WAIT. . . . WHAT?


                           We love food!       We love serving food!


We accomplish that very feat using mobile concessions.  Creating a fully-functioning kitchen under a tent(s) connected to our trailer, we set up and work events ranging from 4 hours to multiple days. Think fairs, festivals, markets, celebrations. . .

So what about our food?


Well, we're not slinging dogs and dough. Although we are totes down to eat those items while out and about at events, creating and selling those products just isn't our bag, baby.


Consider Brave The Flames to be boutique food service, a small company that offers highly specialized products where they are oftentimes least expected - as speedy food concessions. Our food is freshly-made per order, full-flavored, and yes, gourmet - high quality requiring skilled preparation. Credit Chef Dawg for our imaginative, inventive menus and ensuring our level of care and excellence. He brings to bear his decades of kitchen experience to allow for swift service of quality food to a shockingly large number of people in a comparatively short amount of time.

Plus, tell all your friends our culinary creations are accessible with almost full variety available for vegans and the gluten-free, at no extra cost.

Just a friendly reminder of what Brave The Flames is not:

  • pre-made "fast food"

  • one-size-fits-all

  • boring or unimaginative

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Be Brave
Live Bold
Eat Spicy

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