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Busy Weekend

Our food permit(s) allows for food preparation under our tent(s) set-up. Right now our truck, named Blaze, is for transportation of supplies. And lets be honest, it's pretty eye catching to boot. All of our hard work this summer and the support of our customers is in service to converting Blaze to a fully functioning food van (she's a P30 step-up van, not a truck). Until then, that's a LOT of set and break down of tents and equipment every event.

Going into last weekend, the Brave The Flames team of Chef Dawg and his trusty sidekicks (meaning family) were SUPER excited to spend both Friday and Saturday with the Greene County Fireman's Convention in West Coxsackie, followed by customer appreciation at The Milk Run on Sunday.

The first two days were amazing. We made a lot of new friends and contacts, and brand new Bravehearts were born. Everyone involved was fantastic - great music, fun activities, friendly and happy people enjoying socializing with others outside while the weather is still pleasant.

Saturday night we happily had everything cleanly and safely stowed in Blaze, ready to head home, grab some zzzz's, then hit The Milk Run on Sunday for another fun day. Unfortunately, Blaze had other plans. She was running roughly as soon as we began the trek up the mountain and home to Haines Falls, making it to the blind curve right after the Falls before simply stopping. AAA was unavailable for hours so we called the Troopers to make sure no one was surprised by our big orange van coming around that corner! Luckily, after 30-40 minutes of downtime, during which we were contacting someone for a tow the few miles home, Blaze started back up and made it home all on her own. Needless to say, we didn't get home and to bed until well after 4 am. With Blaze out of the picture, and not enough time to convert back to using our full size pickup for transportation, we were sadly unable to make it to The Milk Run the following day.

So we're entering another week VERY excited about serving as many people as possible this coming weekend. We'll have to streamline all of our supplies and prepare to fit them into the bed of a pickup truck just in case Blaze isn't ready by Saturday, but we've done it before and the hard work is good for us.

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