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For What We Stand

From Executive Chef at a ski resort, a farm to table fine dining establishment, running the largest Italian American Club in the state, pit-master at a Texas BBQ joint, to owning and operating a world fusion taco concession stand, Chef Chris Arquiett has varied accomplishments that have all led to this moment, this concept... Brave the Flames.


Times have changed. Restaurants need to change with them. This time for the better. By bringing back proper technique in food preparation. By not overcharging and underperforming. By pricing freshly made food appropriately so that everyone wins.

Brave the Flames accomplishes this and more.


The number one lesson learned from operating concessions on the road is that people want good food, regardless that it is served in a field or on concrete at a farmer's market or at a fair or festival on a paper plate with plastic utensils.

We are all also aware that the labor pool is shallow nowadays, with many in the food industry who don't understand or have not been taught proper food preparation techniques to ensure quality and safety.


With these issues in mind, Brave the Flames operates using a counter service model allowing us to lower operating costs normally passed on to customers. Food prepared from scratch by a knowledgeable chef will always be less expensive to produce as well as taste boatloads better. With Chef Chris as leader, proper technique is passed on to kitchen staff who then take immense pride in the product of their labor. Both front of the house and back of the house staff work together to prepare and serve only the highest quality food and beverages. And it is as a team that they share the motivation to succeed by sharing in the rewards and earning a living wage.

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