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Our Menu

What's the best thing on our menu? All of it ... just depends on your mood! Feeling like a 1/2 pound of Black Angus smashed into perfectly grilled onions? How about housemade Mac & Cheese with 4 cheeses or Chicken Sandies from whole chicken breast soaking in seasoned buttermilk just waiting for your order? Try a Rice Platter with whole freshly prepared protein choices, veggies and sauces. And don't forget to add a side of the best fries. Whatever your choice, you'll thank yourself later for Braving the Flames.

Rice Platters, Salads or Gyros

Lamb, whole boneless leg, slow roasted in house blended shawarma seasoning, chopped.

Kafta, ground Black Angus mixed with our shawarma, red onion, mint and parsley formed into an oval patty and pressed on the flat top grill.

Chicken Thighs, coated in Chef's Chicken Scratch Seasoning Blend, cooked whole on the flat top, then chopped.

Pollock freshly battered per order and fried.

Falafel, blended traditional and green chickpeas, cardamom, garlic & other spices along with fresh herbs baked not fried.

Soy Curls, Butler soy curls are made from certified non-GMO soybeans soaked in spring water, then dried at low temperature maintaining the natural goodness of the whole soybean, high in fiber and omega-3. We rehydrate the soy curls with vegan seasoning, heat and chop to order for a delectable plant-based protein choice.

Also now available - Fried Shrimp.

BTF Famous Smashburger

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Fish Sandwich

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Chicken Sandwiches

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Mac & Cheese

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